Are we making lead generation too complicated?

There are days that I think the Internet has clouded reality.
Suddenly with 10,000 options for getting a lead, things got far more complex than they really ought to be.

Most businesses need ONE.

One way to get a lead. One way that works predictably. One way that’s reliable and independent of an ad platform with finicky rules.

We don’t need big long funnels…

Just ONE perpetual “stay in front of them” system that works.

Demonstrates what you’re selling…the value you bring…in advance of the sale, and shows them how to buy.

Just ONE.

Yet, when you don’t have ONE, you search and struggle…dabble in 100 in hopes of finding THE ONE.

We want to believe that there’s one way that’s somehow “optimal” for our type of business.

In reality, most all of the ways you can get a lead work. But most give up long before they find out. Then, they’re on to the next (hopefully) silver bullet.

You only need ONE of each. I’ll show you my “go to” methods…one for generating a lead, and one for turning them into a client in next week’s webinar: How to Build An Effortless Growth Machine – Three secrets to creating endless leads, effortless follow up and non-salesy sales conversations.

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photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Andre Chinn

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