Answering the backlash

Kent writes in…
”You may have noticed there is a mounting backlash against…inbound attraction marketing by somewhat more tradition bound sales specialists labeling this as passive “hopium”–an addiction to passively waiting for someone to like us so much that they call or email rather than being in “action” before you go broke.  Not sure if that is a false alternative (I suspect it is).”

Keen eye Kent. It is a false alternative.

You see the same dogmatic stance on the “inbound” marketing side of the world (whatever that is)…

Usually, such dogma is coming from someone selling something (a sales prospecting course, inbound marketing software…etc.)

Let me give you a different perspective that clears this up…

If you desperately NEED clients…


Pick up phone, go to event, knock down their door.

It’s a blunt tool, requires courage and labor, but you gotta eat.

But ONLY do that for as long as you have to. It’s poor use of time.

Better to *lead generate* with an outbound series of sales letters to get the right prospects to stand up and identify themselves.

Then go knock THEIR door down, pick up the phone and call THEM.

Your odds increase…your productivity increases.

When I started my current business—new industry, no clients, from scratch—I showed up in front of prospects every day.

It was a horrible use of time, but necessary.

SIMULTANEOUSLY, I sent sales letters to other prospects…ones I didn’t know, I cast a wide net.

And those three letters that I printed on my own printer (thousands of them), that I hired a stay-at-home-mom to fold, stuff, stamp and hand address took me from cold calling to “inbound” marketing.

But that’s really the wrong word…I prefer to look at it differently…it’s not old school prospecting vs. inbound marketing.

It’s one-to-one selling vs. one-to-many selling.

One way has leverage. You can grow results without growing resources.

The other has no leverage.

No opportunity for long-term, sustained growth.

You start where you must, but move to where you can grow…and quickly.



photo courtesy of: Wystan

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