A truly excellent question

I was talking with a client last week and he had a great marketing idea…
Buy a giant trailer, brand it, outfit it with lots of attractive goodies (food) and host public “referral” events.

Not a small investment…first year, all-in with the equipment and staff costs it’s north of a quarter-million.

He wanted to know what I thought of the idea…

My first thought…interesting idea…HOW can he afford it?

Not, CAN he afford it…that’s a bad question.

But add one little word, and possibilities open up. New questions must be asked…

How many events can you do in a year?

If you got one client from each event, how much would they be worth?

How many do we need to pay for the thing in the first year (after that costs go way down)?

What are all the ways we could generate leads at each event?

When we get them, how can we convert them into clients?

If we ONLY got one per event, would this make sense…would there be ROI?

All of that, from adding one little word. For this client, that word will likely be worth $1-million.

It pays to ask good questions.

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photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Ethan Lofton

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