A simple technique for creating great follow-up marketing

Whenever I meet a subscriber to this publication, sooner or later one question comes up in the conversation:
“How do you write a new email every day?”

Most think the thing preventing them from doing something similar (maybe weekly instead of daily) is time.

But time is not an issue.

The 20 minutes a day I spend writing each day is the most valuable, revenue producing activity I do all day.

Yes, it takes time, but it’s *leveraged* time.

You have time.

It works so well, you’ll MAKE time.

The real roadblock is ideas…

What to say…

What to say that my market will think is valuable…

So here’s a little behind the scenes tip:

Your output is only as good as your input.

Volume and quality of input count. Here are my top sources of “input”:

1. Conversations with clients…they’re my IDEAL clients. So their problems are the same problems my next IDEAL clients have.

2. Other marketing/business books, publications. (Helps me stay on top of what’s working for others.)

3. Niche/industry specific journals for the markets I serve.

4. Philosophy.


6. Fiction (I’m reading more of this now than before.)

I read a book (or more) a week, plus journals, newsletters, etc. The brain is a funny thing…with all that input, it connects the dots and creates the output without much effort.

But when the input drops off…it’s the blank screen of death.

Building a platform is just one of the secrets to having a sustainable, leveraged business.





photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Wonderlane

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