A shocking response to yesterday’s email

Yesterday, I shared the story of two entrepreneurs…

One was cold calling for clients…2000 calls a month landed 6 prospects (not 6 clients…6 prospects)…

The other was, IS, literally knocking on doors hoping to stumble upon A) someone who’s actually home, and B) someone who wants or needs his service (in this case, investment advice).

There is, of course, the obvious problem with these approaches—they don’t work very well.

Since I trust you’re not doing anything like this in your business, let’s look at a deeper problem and how it *might* apply to you…

The bigger problem is that with both approaches, they won’t support the goals of the entrepreneurs using them.

One of these men is looking to grow the business by 400% in the next year.

To do that, he’ll have to make 8000 calls a month.

He’s got a system, but it’s not a scaleable system. It will never take him to his goal.

Will your system scale to meet YOUR GOALS…?

Now, for the shocking response I got to yesterday’s email…

Long-time client and Unstoppable CEO™ Elite member, John Bellino, wrote in to share his recent lead generation numbers…

February: 21 introductions via 2 clients.

March: 75 introductions via 5 clients.

April: 36 introductions via 2 clients.

That’s 132 *referred* (not cold) prospects from just 9 client meetings where he applied the “Network Infiltration” strategy, in three months.

We know with predictable accuracy how many clients will come from those 132 referrals.

If John decides he wants to double the business next quarter, he simply uses the strategy in 3 more client meetings each month (not 2000 more cold calls).

It’s a scaleable system…





photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Markus Spiske

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