A different, better, “metric” to measure your success

I think we can all agree, that money is the ultimate scorekeeper in business…but it doesn’t always report total success.

So today, I offer a different metric…

How many days can you leave…go incommunicado…and still have a vibrant, profitable operation when you return?

Think about it for a minute…

How many days can you go without monitoring email or calling in to make sure the place isn’t engulfed in flames from fires your team can’t extinguish?

A weekend?

Three days (i.e. you’re checking email on Wednesday in the middle of your week-long family vacation)…

A week, two, three?

True success in business is building a money machine that runs with less and less input from you over time.

We all get the money part, and we focus on it.

We usually ignore the “less and less of you” part, and instead pour in more and more and more of you, until there is no more.

Too many, just get consumed by the business.

There’s a better way…

I know. I’ve lived it.

A year ago, I met a smart lady who’s probably better at getting business owners out of the daily operational side of the business than just about anyone.

Her name is Mandi Ellefson, and I’ve asked her to present her process to you in a special webinar next Tuesday.

It’s completely free and if you answered anything less than 2-weeks to my “incommunicado” question, you should attend.

==> Register free here




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Chris

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