Case Study
7 Clients in 75 Days

August and September were our biggest months since starting the business. And we still have prospects booking sales appointments every week from our webinar follow-up. It’s totally transformed my business, and my biggest problem now is scaling up our delivery systems and team to handle all the new opportunities.

I knew that a lot of the fad marketing tactics like Facebook and Google ads wouldn’t work well for the high-dollar, high-trust sale we have to make. Now with my podcast, I have a never-ending way to connect with influencers, generate leads, and grow my business.

Adam Lean, Founder
The CFO Project

How Adam Lean Went from Local Networking for Clients to Generating Hundreds of Referrals from Influencers in Less Than 3 Months

Adam Lean, Founder of The CFO Project, developed a unique method for transforming the profitability of a business and creating both financial and time freedom for the entrepreneur. 

The problem: Adam had happy clients, but no way to multiply them and grow his business. He was stuck doing the hard manual labor of networking in his local chamber and BNI groups. 

After working with us to transform his offer, message, and build a lead generation system, he landed 7 new clients outside his local area within 75 days!

From Blurry Message to Clear and Compelling Offer

When Adam came to us, we recommended he start with our GrowthAudit™ process. During the GrowthAudit we identified a major roadblock to growing the business--his message and offer were unclear. The real result and benefit to the future client had to be inferred--this is common in a lot of businesses, and it prevents people who need your help from understanding how you help.

We worked with Adam to create a proprietary 4-step process, name the steps, and present it as a “success roadmap” that telegraphed how clients get results from Adam and his team.

Immediately his message went from muddy to clear and compelling. Having a compelling and clear offer is 80-percent of the solution to attracting clients. 

Networking...Not Working

Adam’s next big challenge was to find a way to scale up his lead generation. His current business development was focused on networking in local groups in his hometown of Columbia, SC. He knew that strategy could get the business off the ground, but would not take it much further.

He needed a leveraged way to build relationships and generate leads.

We recommended our Podcast Prospecting™ approach. For Adam, we built a Target 100 list of potential influencers and referral sources and invited them to be guests on a new podcast we created for him called P is for Profit.

Adam got to work conducting interviews and using our process for turning those conversations into massive referral opportunities by offering to present an educational webinar to the guest’s audience.

Adam booked seven webinars from the first batch of nine guests. From those webinars he generated over 250 leads, landed 4 clients in August (less than 45 days after starting) and 3 more clients in September.

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