60-minutes to more referrals and clients

I’ve been called out!

A mastermind partner called me to task in our meeting last month…

He said, “If you’re so good at getting referrals, can you teach someone to do it, from scratch in 60-minutes?”


Good question. It’s taken me two weeks to come up with the answer:

Yes. Challenge accepted.

So, I’m doing an all-new 60-minute training session—I’ve cut down the Unstoppable Referrals System to the essentials you need to get results right away.

In this special (and free) training, you’ll discover:

#1. Why your best, happiest clients aren’t referring you, and how to change that.

#2. How to attract loads more referrals, without having to ask for them…and without experiencing the “awkward conversation.”

#3. How to choose, approach, and *train* the right referral partners so that you can avoid the well-intentioned, but one-way partner relationships (you know, where you’re making all the referrals) that drive you nuts.

photo, originally in sepia, courtesy of: Mark Cooke

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