6 Secrets to Getting 10x More Referrals

If you’ve been following along the last few days, you know that I’ve been gearing up to release a new course…

A FREE course…for you.

The course is live and it’s called “6 Secrets to Getting 10x More Referrals”.

Some of the material is from my book and my other work on referral marketing…and some of it is brand new.

So, even if you’ve read the book, you’ll want to join the course (it is free after all).

Here’s what’s covered:

– The Real Reason You’re Not Getting All The Referrals You Should

– Are You Referrable? Discover the three ways to become highly referrable, almost overnight.

– Do I Trust You? How The Standard Approach to Referrals Kills Trust and a Simple Way to Stand Become the Most Trusted Business in Your Market

– Why You’re Not Easy to Refer and What to do About It

– How to Create a Referral System Without Feeling “Salesy”

– How to Build a Business That Grows Itself

Register for free >>

You’ll want to sign up for two reasons…

#1. The course will help you understand what you must change to unlock a faster flow of referrals.

#2. Go look at the principles being used…apply them in your business.




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