4 Steps to Read Your Prospect’s Mind

Do you know what makes the difference between a GREAT client…an IDEAL Client, and a client that you’d wished you’d passed on…?

One thing.

How they think.

Let me illustrate:

In my first company we had a 25-year client. We’d worked with them for two and a half decades and it was the most ideal client relationship you can imagine.

We did all of their work in our discipline. They relied on us to solve problems that came up outside our discipline, because of the great trust we’d developed.

And, importantly, they never questioned an invoice and happily paid premium fees.

Then, the leadership started to change. Our high-level contacts retired, all within a short time.

And it quickly turned from “dream client” to nightmare.

We went from trusted advisor to rank commodity…and all with the very same client.

So what changed?

The mindset of the client…

They replaced the “brains” of our IDEAL Client, with new brains.

The new “brains” in charge viewed the world, and in particular, our service differently.

Same company.

Very different thinking.

Which is why, when you look for prospects and only look at what you can see on the outside—demographics (how big, what industry, location, etc.)—you still can’t tell which prospects will be IDEAL Clients.

You have to go deeper…

You have to understand how they think. Specifically, how they think about buying what you sell.

And to do that, you need to step inside your IDEAL prospect’s mind and see the world the way THEY see the world.

Here are four dimensions to look at…

1. What they think about. What’s on their mind? What’s stressing them out? What charges them up?

2. What they see—from the prospect’s perspective, what does she see…what other offers, what messages, what situations is she seeing in her world?

3. How does she behave—how does she present herself to the world? How does she act when presented with an opportunity like yours?

4. What does she hear…from friends, family, peers, experts, advisors, influencers, she pays attention to…?

Answer those questions and you’ll have a start at understanding the mindset of your IDEAL Client.

It can be the difference between the client of your dreams and the nightmare you wish you’d wakeup from…

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