3-Step Process for Getting Endless Leads from LinkedIn

My wife and I celebrated our youngest daughter’s 13th birthday watching a gaggle of barely-teenage girls, gazes locked on their iPhones, snap and post and wait for the reaction to their latest “Instagram revelation.”

As I watched, it occurred to me that they’re no different than 90% of the businesses using social media…

Just post and wait… And pray…

Brace yourself for the “big reaction”…

“3 likes and a comment! Fantastic!”

Are you advancing your real goals—getting great clients—using social media the same way 13-year-old girls use it?

Might there be a better way?

I’ve been accused of being a social media luddite…to the contrary, I use it all the time.

It’s how I use it, and how our clients use it that makes all the difference.

There’s no hope and no prayer that something will work. There’s system and predictability…

And results. Abundant prospects. New clients.

See how we do it in this new video >>

Just 3 simple steps = endless leads
(and you’ll never have to post a thing to social media)




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Tomwsulcer

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