Get great clients without having to "sell"

We’ll build a done-for-you marketing system (and keep it running), designed for the unique challenges of selling professional services.

Be well known in your market

Work with clients you love

Spend less time on business development

Obscurity is the Enemy

Most businesses just exist. Hiding in plain sight as the "best-kept secret" in their market.

You need to attract great clients to be successful and fulfill your potential in business. And, it can feel really out of character, even unprofessional to “always be selling.” Your success shouldn’t be limited because you’re not a natural marketer or salesperson.

Marketing today is complex, even confusing

We understand. You just want to focus on your clients. We have a simple, 4-part system to get you clients, and we’ll do all the work for you. You just show up and have easy conversations with great new clients.

1. The Target 100 Solution

The biggest risk in most firms is the "revenue rollercoaster." The Target 100 Solution puts you in control of your pipeline, even when you're busy with clients, so you can get off the rollercoaster!

2. The Podcast Prospecting Method

Easily start new relationships with future clients by inviting them to share their expertise on a podcast interview. 
It's easy, "under-the-radar" prospecting.

3. Always-There Follow-up

Never again lose business because you didn't follow-up. Stay top of mind with every new prospect, client, and center of influence (without being annoying).

4. The Pre-Selling Presentation

It can be really uncomfortable to "pitch" your services. Instead, use an automated, on-demand video talk that pre-sells prospects and books appointments.

"I'm a real estate broker and auctioneer working with probate attorneys. I've started relationships with 38 attorneys using Steve Gordon's guidance. I have made about $20,000 so far from these attorney meetings and got a call from someone who remembered our lunch when her client needed my services...I won the business over the client's family member who is a competitor. Steve's approach to attracting clients really works!"
Terry Hunter
Hunter-Broker, Fine Homes | Auctions, San Clemente, California

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No more courses, struggling with technology, or wondering
"Am I doing the right thing to connect with prospects?"
Just professional marketing, done for you, so you can...

  • Win more clients
  • Make more money
  • Grow your business
  • Be well known in your market
  • Focus on your clients
  • Raise your fees
  • Work with clients you love
  • Spend less time on business development
  • Have confidence in your marketing
  • Make better relationships and grow your network, without wasting time at networking events
  • Pre-sell prospects, so you don't have to "sell"

Find out if we can help in 3 easy steps

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  • Get a customized plan to reach your growth goals

How much is it costing you each month you're stuck being the "best-kept secret" in your market?


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