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A Jury of Four, But Only One Decides Fate

Over time, I’ve found that every marketing idea is judged four times… Juror #1. By your spouse…Don’t laugh. More glossy, gimmicky, brand advertising is bought each year because the business owner’s spouse “likes it.” (And, I’ve seen more very good, measurable, direct response advertising canned—even when effective—because a spouse didn’t like the “look”.) Juror #2…. [Read More]

Diamonds on the soles of his shoes…

Remember the Paul Simon tune by that title? Well, I saw those shoes on TV. Nick Cannon, host of “America’s Got Talent” sported a pair of diamond-encrusted loafers on the show’s finale. $2-million bucks for a pair of shoes. Do they walk any better than my Cole-Haans? Probably not, likely worse. Definitely can’t wear them… [Read More]

Secrets of the hundred-grand weekly wage

Over the last two months I’ve had the opportunity to watch a high-level consultant work a client relationship into… …a fee exceeding one-hundred-thousand dollars for five days of work. Work that is largely a compilation of work done for others…customized for the client paying this fee. It’s been a real and valuable “peek behind the… [Read More]

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"Concise, Digestible and Actionable Intelligence"

"The sooner you realize that great marketing is the key to a successful business, the sooner you'll have a successful business. If you're looking for concise, digestible and actionable intelligence, I strongly recommend that you sign up for The Unstoppable CEO™ Online. I look forward to receiving it daily, and always make time to read it. This isn't theoretical fluff - it's all based on Steve's extensive expertise and experience. I strongly recommend you check this out for yourself by signing up today - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

- Robert Pinto-Fernandes, Consultant

“Insightful, Focused”

"Insightful, focused and able to drill down to the real issues. The Unstoppable CEO™ takes a great deal of information and data and distills it to the point where actionable items are uncovered, leading to business growth and higher performance."

- Marjorie Schoelles, Homes & Land Magazine

“My Sales Are Up 40% And I’m Playing Golf Again”

"For 30 years I had a goal of selling 100 life-insurance policies a year. In case you don’t know...that’s a lot! In fact it put me in the top tier of my industry year after year. But I don’t want to work that hard anymore...following this advice, my sales are up 40% and I'm playing golf again!"

- John Curry, Certified Financial Planner, Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Roundtable, Author of Preparing for a Secure Retirement and creator of The Secure Retirement Method (

"Life Changing"

"I received the first issue of The Unstoppable CEO™ and it was life changing. It gave me a brand new perspective on my business.

- Dennis Scarry, Time Saver Accounting

"Highly Effective Ideas"

"Simple but highly effective ideas and implementation allow us to make the changes we need efficiently and painlessly. It's like magic!"

- West Edwards, Tadlock Roofing, Tallahassee, FL

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